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Boarding is a unique experience at Pawsitive Pup Training. Fitting your lifestyle and personalizing your dog's time to best suit their needs and what you want. Pawsitive Pup's Boarding is different because of the limited number of dogs that I can have a time, this means more individualized time for your dog and a less stressful experience. Your dog will have a vacation of their own here!


This is a free service where I will meet up with you and your dog. This is where you can go more into depth about your goals and any issues you are having with your dog. From here we can discuss different options and figure out which will best help your dog succeed.

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Puppy Program

For ages 16 weeks to 8 months. This is a great program to get your puppy started on the right track. Not only does the program teach obedience, but it also works on any puppy problems you may be having. Some of those problems may be jumping or pulling on the leash. If you want your puppy to become an awesome member of your family, then this is your starting point!

No Pull Program

 A train and board program perfect for the owner who doesn’t want their dog dragging them down the street and wants to have an enjoyable walk with their dog for once. After completion of this program you can expect to enjoy your walks with your furry pal without all the previous hassle you were previously having.

Good Dog Program

A train and board program for the owner who just wants a little bit more control from their dog. Your dog may do well overall at the home but, has a few quirks-like pulling on the leash when walking, jumping on guests, or barking. You can expect by the end of this program to enjoy walks, for your dog to finally sit when you ask them, and to have more control of your dog even when guests arrive. Your dog will be able to sit or lay down by your side patiently (a word you may never used to describe your dog before).

Great Dog Program

This train and board program is for the owner who doesn’t even know where to start. You may be having multiple issues with your dog. Your dog doesn’t listen at all, unless maybe a treat is involved. Don’t even mention how they behave when guests arrive. Walks are a hassle, jumping is an issue, and your dog seems to never settle down.
You can expect to be wowed at what all your dog was able to learn during this program and to see an improvement in their behavior. You might find yourself saying “is this really my dog?”. Life will be a little bit easier having a dog that listens. Also, if you are wanting off leash control of your dog, you can expect those goals to be reached a little easier.

Dream Dog Upgrade

Great Dog program is a prerequisite. Add a few days to the Great Dog program to teach your dog to be off leash. You will able to trust that your dog will come back to you and listen better.

Behavior Modification

This program is designed to help teach your dog to work through their behavioral problems. From fearfulness to dog aggression, you will be taught how to handle your dog's behavior as they learn basic obedience.

Refresher Program

For any dog who has completed a training program with Pawsitive Pup. This 3 day program is a great review for your dog or to even work more with distractions.


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